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ACT’s extensive experience in coating technologies applied to counter tops, sinks and tubs allows designs limited solely by ones imagination. Practically any finish and form can be accomplished to make your kitchen or bathrooms look totally custom. Because they are and at a fraction of the costs of exotic materials.

ACT premier concrete coatings feature time-tested technology with unrivaled quality and exceptional durability. Each ACT at faux finish is from three to five layers thick, employing a mix of professionally manufactured resin layers topped with a high-quality clear urethane coating. Built to withstand high levels of harsh chemicals and heavy usage.

ACT’s professionally trained technicians do the job on time, as promised, with an excellent reputation for reliability. As a result, ACT is in demand by several of the premier builders, contractors and developers in the Central Florida area. ACT has also worked with leading restaurant and hotel chains on major projects in Florida and throughout the nation.

ACT counter tops, sinks and tubs are backed with the industry’s best warranty, a testimony to the company’s confidence in its superior products and high quality service.