Standard Garage Doors

Standard Garage Floors


Enhance your garage and make it as beautiful as the rest of your home by adding an Advanced Coating Technologies (ACT) garage floor coating. Take your garage to a whole new level by installing a striking new ACT high-gloss floor. Adding a new ACT garage floor coating is an economical way to give vibrant new life to a dull and tired-looking garage.

With the polished look of an ACT garage floor, you’ll also extend the livable, usable space of your home. An ordinary garage is now a gorgeous showroom for cars or motorcycles, or a beautiful home office, upscale workshop, spacious workout area or cheerful children’s playroom.


The ACT garage floor coating offers many benefits. Easy to clean, the worry-free floor is built to last, made to withstand high foot traffic and resistant to spills, dirt, oil or hot tire marks. In addition, an ACT garage floor will reduce dirt, dust and mold, perfect for Central Florida residents battling allergies. At the same time, Florida’s penetrating sunlight won’t fade the look of the floor, even as years go by. Inch for inch, your ACT coated floor adds to your home value and provides tremendous pride in home ownership.


ACT offers you an extensive choice of colors, patterns, textures and finishes to complement your home décor. We are continually expanding our ever-growing  list of color and style selections in response to customers’ requests. Select textured granite-like or smooth terrazzo finishes, or further customize your new garage floor with a custom color treatment, family crest, or logo of a favorite brand or sports team.

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 ACT’s professionally trained technicians are known for their helpfulness and total commitment to customer service. Installation takes two to three days, giving you the added convenience of having your garage back in use quickly.  
The high-quality application process works like this:

First, expert installers clean and prepare the floor surface for the coating, a job that is key to ensuring the longevity of the product. We’ll use a diamond-terrazzo grinder to remove any existing paint layers or debris to ensure that the surface is ready for application

The primer coat is installed in a thin layer. A layer in the background base color of the floor is then applied, followed by application of granite-like or colored chips.

Finally, a chemical-resistant urethane clear coating seals in the chips and provides a shining top coat that gives your garage floor a beautiful, durable new look.

Residential floor coatings require three layers of coating, while five layers are applied in professional-grade floor coatings found in apartments, restaurants and office complexes.